At NNCandles, our aim is to make awesome hand poured candles that are 100% natural & most importantly, Earth & Human friendly

We make our candles from only one amazing ingredient:

UK grown Rapeseed Wax

No hidden additives or nasties go into the mix!

For our scented range, we simply add beautiful essential oils sourced from around Britain

That’s it… simple!

OUR RAPESEED WAX: is a completely natural and sustainable vegetable product. It has super duper ‘green credentials’ with no issues of intensive farming, deforestation or GMO presence and is naturally biodegradable. Best of all…by using rapeseed wax we are supporting British Farmers, as it’s grown here in the UK. It is also very slow burning & last up to 50% longer than Paraffin candles, that’s more burn for your buck!

NON TOXIC: rapeseed wax is non toxic & non carcinogenic. It contains no pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified material. It has such a low melting point that it is virtually soot free!

WICKS:  our wicks are simply made from cotton twine.

ESSENTIAL OILS:  we only use the purest essential oils to fragrance our candles, they create a lovely clean & light scent. We source ours from responsible & quality suppliers from around the UK.

RECYCLABLE: our candles & packaging can be fully recycled- Yipee. And any left over wax will biodegrade.

GREEN ENERGY: all of the electricity used in our candle workshop (our gaff) is from a renewable energy supplier; From the melting of the wax to those vital cups of tea!


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